Take away -brunch

TGI Brunch-time
Our take-away brunch is the perfect treat. Either for a surprise breakfast in bed, or a delicious picnic in your livingroom, or a spontaneous foodfight. You can do it any way you like!

Make your order in advance, and come pick it up from our lounge in the morning. Or you can also choose to have it delivered to you for a small fee. So all you need to do is prepare a cup of coffee, pour a glass of juice, and enjoy <3

The brunch is served in co-operation with K-Supermarket Joutsensilta.

The brunch on Sunday 10.5.2020 is sold out.

Pick up your goodies from kolo between 11-14.
Deliveries will also be carried out starting at 11 o’clock. Your delivery time will be given on Saturday.
The fee for delivery is 3,90 € (max 10km).

Please let us know your order before 11 o’clock the previous day
*by phone +358 400 216733 (also whatsapp / sms)
*by eMail kettu@kololounge.com

Our brunch  at 1st and 3rd of May consists of the following treats
minicroissant                                           sandwich
green salad & red onion                         lentil salad
coleslaw                                                   veggies to dip
tsatsiki                                                       hummus
oven omelette                                          meat or veggie balls
roasted root vegetables                          smoothie
carrot cake                                               fruitsalad

The brunch is also available in vegan mode with minor changes.
We reserve the rights for minor changes.